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Pharmacy Error Costs Nursing Home Resident His Life

January 31st, 2010

The death of a Minnesota nursing home resident in August, 2009, was due, in large part, to a pharmaceutical error. The patient was battling cancer and fungal pneumonia, both of which contributed to his death. But kidney failure caused by the administration of the wrong formulation of a prescription anti-fungal medication also played a role in his death.

The anti-fungal medication, Amphotericin, comes in four different formulations. Some more toxic to the kidneys than others, with the traditional formulation being the most toxic. Due to his fragile health, the patient was prescribed one of the three less toxic formulations. Unfortunately, the pharmacist who filled the prescription didn’t realize there were multiple formulations with varying levels of toxicity and filled the prescription with the traditional formula. The mistake went unnoticed by nursing home administrators because the prescription was mislabeled as the formula which was supposed to have been given.

After two days on the medication, the patient was rushed to a hospital suffering from kidney failure. A hospital pharmacist discovered the prescription error, but the discovery came too late to save the patient. The pharmacist who made the error now faces the potential for disciplinary action by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.

Prescription medications are heavily regulated, and for good reason. Medications must be administered with the utmost of care. Even seemingly minor medical or pharmaceutical errors can pose grave consequences to patients and their loved ones.
Nevertheless, mistakes like this happen all too often.

The attorneys at have a long record of successfully representing victims of medical and pharmaceutical error. If you, or someone you know, have been injured because of being prescribed the wrong medicine, or other medical error, please contact us at for a free consultation. Our attorneys are available to assist in all aspects of your litigation.

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